No matter what

I love my children. I love my husband. I love my family. I love my parents and my siblings. We have weathered many a storm and I am amazed by the capacity of our hearts and our spirits to withstand all that is thrown our way.
A child may be born with “defects” but that only means that there is some deviation from what is considered “normal”. If a child is considered “normal” but they make one dumb decision (read “harmful to self and others”) after another, are they normal? Or are they defective? Does it matter? Can a mother do anything but love their child and hopefully do what’s “best” for them? Is there some instrument that measures what is best?
I love my children.

3 Responses

  1. Gosh … I just read your blog.Yours is a fascinating tale.I intend to read more.Often. Thank you.AlisonThe Bernard Bunch

  2. How much fun, we love you tons too!!

  3. Thank goodness for motherly love. I know I am grateful for my mom’s… and I just love my kiddos to pieces. (although that’s not fair, they are still little) LOL

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