A new leaf

Last month we visited PA and I snapped this photo. The significance for me is multi-fold: 1) it’s snowing, 2) “wedding-bell silver slug bug”, 3) the leaves. The image captures trees with green leaves, yellow/gold/red leaves, and no leaves.

I’ve been in the process of “turning over a new leaf” for a while now. First the seed was planted: two years ago I was asked to name my dream. I realized I wanted to be writing full-time, and eventually accepted that no-one was stopping me except myself. Then I sprouted: the first piece I wrote is being published next month. And I grew: a year ago I began writing for my church’s monthly newsletter. I’ve contributed regularly. Then, I became a tree all covered in healthy green foliage: in September I began to blog, and I mean BLOG! This is my 97th post (counting both sites). I’m 10 days away from finishing my 2nd month of daily blogs. I’m sensing the end of a season approaching. Now that I’ve established the daily habit of writing, and I embrace and relish the time spent expressing myself, I’m ready to take it to the next level. Although the outward appearance may be dormancy, within is a vitality that will produce results in the spring.



2 Responses

  1. Keep on growing and leafing-out and blooming, you. Congrats!

  2. 1) I see no snow. Are you sure? 2) Ha, you probably photoshopped that in ; ) I almost asked you last night if you were wearing your sunglasses while tapping me 20 times for bugs. If you are wearing the glasses. . .I want some visual color verification. That’s all I’m saying. 3) Hmmm sometimes I forget about that bit living so far south and all. I wouldn’t write near as much myself if I weren’t always reading yours and then writing too. Thanks for being a good influence on me. Now if I could learn to stop cussing. . .

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