Another! fish story

It’s been 3 weeks since the big day. The sole survivor of the last brood (litter?) of guppettes was released into the general population this morning. He seems to be doing fine.

Mama Guppy appears ready to pop with another litter. I’ve been doing some reading and although normal gestation is around 28 days, 21 days is not unusual. In anticipation of this blessed event, I’ve checked the pH level and added some “buffer” to try to avoid SGD. I’ll ensure our nursery caregivers follow all of the established “best practices” – ideally we’ll have a higher survival rate this go-round. So far, all Mama G has done is poop, so hopefully this isn’t all a bunch of drama caused by overeating and constipation. There’s nothing like false alarm trips to the hospital.

We’re going out tonight, but I’m confident that the babies will be safe ’til we get home, assuming anything happens in our absence.


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