Monday Blueprint Madness

If you think I’m going to mock the contractors here, you’re wrong. I think this exemplifies perfect faith. “Trust God and obey, even if you don’t understand.”

Do you have enough faith to do something that seems silly … maybe even incomprehensible? Are you willing to be ridiculed by your peers? How about your boss?

These days I am trying to wholly and completely trust in the LORD and walk in faith. Today I prayed about my blog’s makeover. Silly? Maybe. Mundane? Probably. Not something I’m likely to be mocked over. Not like building an ark during a drought. Whether I’m working on something big or something little, I trust God has the master drawings – the blueprints of our lives. Even if I don’t fully understand the orders, I’m stepping out in faith.

The more I read the Old Testament, the deeper my faith. Ironically that means that stepping out in faith feels a lot less risky and daring than it used to. May I always be willing to act faithfully, even if my actions seem incomprehensible to others.

Praise His name!


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