I’m on my way…to China

Work’s been busy, no doubt. Conference calls in the morning and at night. And while I sleep? The team in Taipei is busy working, sending e-mail, filling my inbox. It’s so easy to start every day with 30 minutes of “inbox clean-up”. But I’ve been resisting the temptation and spending my early hours either in prayer or in pursuit of other challenges.

In the grand scheme of things, work is taking up way too much of my time. Case in point – I’m sitting in the LA airport killing time during a 6-hour layover on my way to China for the first proto-type build of the product I’m responsible for. I’m about 18 hours away from hitting the ground in Shanghai. From there I’ll go to the factory for a meeting. Then to my hotel to collapse. I’m just guessing on that last agenda item.

I dream of what’s next. What’s next?