Because I have nothing better to do…I’m ready to go!

I have been pining for a while. Pining and whining. I’m ready for a change. I’ve been ready for a change. On two separate occasions (once in 2005, once in 2008) I’ve started novels. Like miscarriages, conceived but never fully developed.

Now, I’m 3 days away from the wildest writing ride of my life. Wilder than last year’s NaBloPoMo. Wilder than the last few weeks spent warming up on my non-fiction work. I’m pregnant, expectant, ready to deliver. I think my water’s broken. I’m at the cusp of full-blown labor pains. NaNoWriMo.
I’m in awe. Afraid yet alive with excitement. Nervous energy wells as I edge closer to the precipice. When I wake up Sunday morning I will be at the start of something that will change me. It is inevitable. I will not leave this experience the same as when I started – no matter how the birthing process goes. I’m ready to shout it to the world. And, God willing, by the end of November I will.
“I’m a novelist!”

3 Responses

  1. Meeting you in the labour and delivery room!!Breathe..Breathe….

  2. I'm very happy for you. And scared outa my wits! Me. Over here. Hemorrhaging in the first trimester. (Once before, too.) Oh, how I will direct my prayers for you now! Barbara

  3. @HisFireFly I'm so glad to have a companion so we can encourage each other through this labor of love. @Barbara Please do keep me in your prayers. I have no doubt this will be difficult. If it was easy, everyone would do it!

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