Off & running

It’s been a challenging first week. Work has been exceptionally trying with a team of Taiwanese co-workers in town for a series of all day meetings. I found myself as the chief notetaker and driver of actions. The only saving grace was the lack of night time conference calls. Regardless, by Friday evening I was exhausted. I came home and submersed myself in about 5 hours of NCIS, Criminal Minds and CSI…back-to-back episodes of murder and mayhem. Skipping a day of writing penalized my progress and my momentum. Today I’m plugging away trying to get back on track. I’d intended to go to a write-in but it’s all I can do to keep slogging away here. I don’t feel up to driving anywhere on the gamble that my motivation and inspiration will improve.

Lord, without You I’m nothing. With You, all things are possible. Be with me as I continue to spill words, to tell this story You’ve put on my heart. Let the pages be filled with Your love. By Your grace.


2 Responses

  1. Bless your heart! BFF

  2. @Barbara I can't believe I made it through unscathed. Even better – I'm feeling blessed. Thank you for your prayers. I know that helped me get through this month.

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