Sunday’s Study: Judges 17 – Micah and his idols

Micah lived in a time when lifestyle choices where “anything goes” … maybe not unlike today. He chose to set up a shrine (including idols) in his home. He hired a priest to make it legitimate. The priest’s greed allowed him to set aside what is right regarding proper worship and obedience to God’s will.

Today there are a lot of people who consider themselves believers yet they set aside what is right regarding proper worship and obedience to God’s will. Their idols may not be images or objects of worship – their idols may be self-serving ideals they keep in their hearts. Just because it feels good and has been legitimized by some authority, doesn’t make it sanctioned or sanctified by God.

Off & running

It’s been a challenging first week. Work has been exceptionally trying with a team of Taiwanese co-workers in town for a series of all day meetings. I found myself as the chief notetaker and driver of actions. The only saving grace was the lack of night time conference calls. Regardless, by Friday evening I was exhausted. I came home and submersed myself in about 5 hours of NCIS, Criminal Minds and CSI…back-to-back episodes of murder and mayhem. Skipping a day of writing penalized my progress and my momentum. Today I’m plugging away trying to get back on track. I’d intended to go to a write-in but it’s all I can do to keep slogging away here. I don’t feel up to driving anywhere on the gamble that my motivation and inspiration will improve.

Lord, without You I’m nothing. With You, all things are possible. Be with me as I continue to spill words, to tell this story You’ve put on my heart. Let the pages be filled with Your love. By Your grace.