“Hey! It’s good to see you.”

There are so many ways we greet each other when passing in the office hallway. A simple “hi” or maybe “how are you?” Or “Good morning” or “afternoon” if appropriate. But in the wake of a layoff (or “Reduction In Force” – RIF), “it’s good to see you” takes on a whole new meaning.

Wednesday afternoon all of the faces I saw looked tired, drained, shell-shocked. I said with sincerity, “it’s good to see you” to my weary colleagues. Some folks had the temerity to express  relief and surprise as survivors. Many expressed fear (it’s only a matter of time, right? Surely there will be another wave of “action” some day). Some expressed chagrin (there’s a certain relief after the ax falls and you’re free, with a healthy severance check in hand).

My team and I spent most of the day secure in our lab. The day we separated us from our former employer seems distant now. It’s been well over a year. We didn’t get a severance package but we remained employed. Some people pitied us but I think we’re blessed in many ways.

By Thursday almost everyone in the halls seemed to be past the worst of the shock. There’s been so many days like Wednesday I’ve lost count. Everyone is affected by the actions. Everyone will have to “work smarter” in order to pick up the pieces and keep things on track. The show must go on! The product delivery will not be impacted. We’ll meet the needs of the business.

Maybe it’s hard-hearted but it is business. I pray for all of us to trust in God and maintain our faith in His greater glory. That may not pay the bills but it will keep us all right-minded. Meanwhile Facebook status updates and supportive comments reflect the sentiments and compassion of all. And my inbox overflows with Linked-In and Plaxo networking requests. God bless us, everyone.


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