Another sad day

Today was the day. Most of those affected knew this day would come. Eventually. And yet…it’s still hard. A lot of people I know and love were escorted out of the building today. Others were placed in another organization, no longer in my building. A lot of people who were working at MFE on my first day back in ’97, they’re just gone. Now we began again, picking up the pieces. Trying to figure out who will cover this or that function that used to be done by so-&-so. But so-&-so’s gone.

For myself, now running a small company that supports the big company, I have to lead my team successfully through the changing terrain. We’re reinventing ourselves, again. Defining our place at the table. There’s no room for whiners or slackers. No room for excuses.

A beaver, hard at work.

Busy beavers only need apply. We’ve got a lot of work to do.