No longer here, but there –

I’ve rolled up three blogs into one:

In the beginning, there was YouGottaWonder at Our Own Oasis, created for sharing updates with my extended family. The focus was generally on random things like landscaping, interior decorating, exercising, etc.

Then came A Mother’s Angst, created for sharing foibles and lessons learned about life and parenting. Especially parenting.

Then came the early FGHart blog, a place to write about career aspirations, both corporate and independent. That’s this blog – i.e. You are here!

Now there’s – this is where it’s all happening now. The other, older blogs (including this one) are dying on the vine.

But it seems that many of the blogs I visit have restricted options for comments, requiring WordPress, Google or Twitter. So I’ve created this post, which will hopefully help point folks back to my blog at If you’re here in response to a comment I left on your blog, please go to to find me.