Rent – too mature for 14?

I joined my son at a birthday party for a 15-year old. His mom bought tickets for him and his friends to go see “Rent-Filmed Live on Broadway”. This is a newly released movie of the broadway production. The movie is rated PG-13, but touches on such mature subjects as homosexuality, AIDS, heroin addiction and other aspects of the bohemian lifestyle of New York City in the 80’s. It seems relatively mature subject matter.

I was the only adult with a group that included one middle-schooler, 4 9th graders and 1 sophomore. I’m much more uptight than I ever dreamed I’d be, but I was surprised that no other parents chose to attend. I met the mother of the birthday boy and I know he had already seen the production live in Houston. The kids were all reasonably mature, and no one seemed shocked or confused by the movie.

What are your thoughts? No biggie? Or should more parents have attended?