Puzzles – reduce, reuse, recycle

Sometimes, like now, I’m faced with a situation that leaves me puzzled. Since “C” left home, “T” has wanted to maintain a relationship with her. Mostly she’s ignored his efforts – not surprising given she’s a freshman in college and he’s a freshman in high school. My concern – I don’t think she is a particularly good influence at this point in her life, but I think that is temporary. The current situation has been difficult enough, but now it seems he is being sneaky/cagey about his communication with her – to the point of deleting the entries from the call-log on his cell phone. Since her lying to us was the source of many conflicts, I consider his lying to us about talking to her more fodder for my concerns. 😦

Speaking of puzzles…. it’s puzzle-time! The winter holiday means it’s time to break out the jigsaw puzzles. This year we’ve picked up a couple of puzzles from Walter Wick, Co-creator of the “I Spy” books. In the absence of sunshine, outdoor activities, and other distractions, there’s nothing like zoning out and focusing in on the rhythm of finding and placing pieces together until the picture, no matter how random, is formed.

I wish I could methodically put together the pieces to clarify the picture of our family dynamics and to identify the hidden items.

While I ponder the meaning of life and other imponderables, I’ll rest assured that we’re being environmentally friendly. Our new puzzle claims to Reduce (contains 90% recycled materials and vegetable-based inks) Reuse (share this puzzle with a friend or donate to a local charity) Recycle (puzzle is 100% biodegradable – leave for curbside pickup).



Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Reinvented

It’s been a day of spoiling our daughter, son-in-law & grandson. An early Christmas. It was snowing when we woke, so the stage was perfectly set. We “hooked them up” with such items as diapers, a microwave, a “Pack ‘n Play,” a winter coat, a few tools & various and other sundries. We also hit Goodwill and found a used coffee maker, ceiling fan and popcorn popper (3 items! Not an all-in-one). We bought them a 1-year Sam’s membership. We bought baby clothes, baby toys. And – they may not know it yet, but we bought pre-paid credit cards. Spoiling, spoiling, spoiling. We are shameless. We miss them, and they’re missing out by not living locally. We told them this is an early Christmas for them.

But…we drew the line at a high-end baby-gate. It’s a long story and a couple’s argument about a 9-year-old dog that she doesn’t want and he “can’t part with”. The $20 gate wouldn’t do because the dog could jump it. The $40 gate wouldn’t do because it’s hard to open (they know someone who has one). The $60 gate would be perfect. We volunteered instead to give them the $100 for the pound to take the dog off their hands. OK, we’re in-laws. They live in a small apartment with a big dog and our precious 4-month-old grandson. They’re almost barely getting by.

Anyway, this round of spending is about wrapped up. Tomorrow – I’m cutting M’s hair (at her request). They mentioned watching a movie. There will be much more in the way of goo-goo-goo, gahgahgah conversations with our grandson. And we head home.

Now to balance your judgment, read here to see what’s going on in my “regular” life. I’m being reinvented.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…and Reinvent

This is the first in a series….

Today’s story: Reinvention. It’s an easy tale to tell. It starts with me purchasing a couple of t-shirts I hadn’t tried on. When I tried them on at home, I was uncomfortable with the amount of “me” on display. The scoop was wider than expected. I had the bright idea that I could crochet a collar and wear the shirt over the collar. A bit of reinvention, eh?

Here’s a picture of just the collar:

And, we had the added benefit that I was spending time next to my loving hubby (rather than in the other room blogging).

I enjoyed making this so much, I was thinking of joining in the give-away game (Pass it on!). I’m wondering if you’d rather win a doily. Or a Christmas tree ornament?

I’m off to Pennsylvania in the morning, but hopefully I’ll be able to log in while I’m there. Although I expect to be highly pre-occupied in goo-goo, gaa-gaa discussions with our precious grandson.